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Bespoke Watermelon Dunk x Lawrence Deposit

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  • Cancel anytime before production starts for a full refund
  • The pair pictured is a 1/1 sample made for Lawrence, it is possible we make changes to the design.
  • Orders placed first get priority first in the event we can not get enough donor soles for every order. 
  • Expected ship date is August 2024
  • This is not an SB, but it will be better in quality and construction than any SB Dunk you have ever touched!
  • The item that will hold up production and increase cost is sourcing the checkerboard pattern or having it made from scratch for this project. It is possible the shoes deliver in June if we find the material soon. 
  • Final price will be $330 USD.
  • That means after paying this deposit you will owe $220 USD + shipping when the sneaker production is complete. 
  • The final price will be confirmed closer to final sample and pre-order closing
  • This is a full custom bespoke teardown of the Dunk which means no materials are painted, everything is hand stitched and crafted and uses an authentic AJ1 sole.
  • Made in Philadelphia, USA by Garrixon