How Store Shipping works

Solesavy Merch, Watches, Books etc. - $10 shipping

1 Pair of Shoes - $24 shipping

2+ Pairs of Shoes - $32 shipping

Sneaker variants now mention where they will be shipping from, whether Canada (Size + CA) or the United States. (Size + US) If your cart has a pair from both Canada and the US, you will be paying shipping from both locations.

Example Scenarios:

1 pair from Canada or US = $24 shipping

1 pair from Canada or US + SS merch or watch or book = $34/42 shipping, depending on your cart’s subtotal

1 pair from Canada + 1 pair from US = $64 shipping

  • How does this work - shouldn’t it be $48?
    • The system determines your shipping rate based on your cart’s subtotal. In this case, the subtotal is above a certain price, which qualifies for the $32 shipping and applies it to both pairs. From there, it adds both rates together to get $64. Keep in mind that its 1 pair per member, meaning this will be a rare occurrence.

All shipping prices are in USD. If you’re in Canada, the store will automatically convert your prices to CAD.

Why are the shipping rates so high?